BTT MSS6x Datalogger

BTT MSS6x Datalogger

Bimmer Tuning Tools

Datalogger for Siemens MSS60 found in e9x M3 running s65 V8 and MSS65 found in e60 M5/e63 M6 running s85 v10.

-Live datalogging - View live and save to CSV file

-Allows for DTCs to be read and reset

-Allows adaptation clearing

Unlimited vehicle use

After downloading, your activation license is automatically sent to the email used to purchase. Be sure you activate the license on the computer you plan to use this on as it is one license per computer!

Requires FT232RL chipset cable.  https://www.ebay.com/itm/284964724223

This product is not currently for sale.
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