MSS5x Quickflash

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MSS5x Quickflash

Bimmer Tuning Tools

Siemens MSS5x ECU DME Flashing for BMW S54, S62, euro S50


-FULL and PARTIAL reads in fast mode! Read a full HP ECU in just minutes or a tune in seconds

-FULL (program and tune) and PARTIAL flashes including version changing via OBD2 port (no boot mode required) in fast mode

-EWS IMMO delete

-Flash counter automatically reset without worry

-Automatic checksum correction

-Allows for DTCs to be read and reset

-Allows adaptation clearing

-VIN/AIF updating (mss54/2 only)

-Virginizing (mss54/2 only)

-Unlimited ECU use

After downloading, your activation license is automatically sent to the email used to purchase. Be sure you activate the license on the computer you plan to use this on as it is one license per computer!

Requires FT232RL chipset cable.  https://www.ebay.com/itm/284964724223

Commercial version available upon request. 

Please see our MSS70 flasher for z4m S54

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